Excellent combined with new milk-sucking device to participate in the 17 session CBME Baby Child exhibition

July 19, 2017, CBME Pregnant Baby Show held in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center as scheduled, as one of the exhibitors Yoo-branded products bring the mother and child ...... Novel and stylish products and activities to attract the audience have stopped, on-site interaction High popularity.


Excellent combination of this product really refreshing. A product called "product charm electric breast pump" products, joined the nowadays popular smart elements: full-screen touch buttons and other functions. More humane point is: bionic, breast pump, lactation frequency massage can be adjusted at any time. Not only smart and convenient, but also make breast pumpkin a pleasure.



 According to excellent person in charge of the introduction, the excellent technology sense of science and technology as the main concept, through a wide range of interactive new games, and strive to show the audience a fresh interactive experience. In the future, we will conduct dialogues with post-85 or even post-90s mothers through more channels of media platforms, offline activities and more, with a sense of technology, fashion and fun.


With the excellent quality of products and stylish and lovely design, we are now one of the favorite brands for more novice parents. In the future, UFIDA will develop more safe and secure baby products so that families with excellent choices can easily face parenting life.