Youha by Mr. Fang was founded in May 2011 in Zhejiang, China, formerly known as Ms. Wu Xiaojing's 'excellent studio' set up in 2009. Excellent combined to create China's national brand of breast milk, the first attempt to replicate in the global electric business model. April 2011, the studio renamed 'Excellent Science and technology', since then, Youha adhere to the international positioning, through the global number of countries and regions to establish a general agent for global customers to provide services. For the continuous sublimation of products and services, determined to innovate, continuous search, step-by-step towards perfection.

Excellent technology is to 'provide professional breastfeeding aids and maternal and infant electrical appliances' technology-based high-tech enterprises. Production and manufacture of milk-sucking devices and breastfeeding-related products. After seven years of market grinding, Youha brand has become a well-known global manufacturers of maternal and infant supplies. Today, in Ningbo, China has a solid factory, the introduction of foreign advanced production lines, in strict accordance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing PRACTICE) executive management, products with excellent professional medical functions and comfortable user experience.

Excellent brand concept is 'easy life favorably start', in the concept of product development, excellent and close to market demand, so that the global mother to participate in development and improvement, creating a 'use of the Internet model to develop intelligent human milk suction system' model, the development of the series of products with a very scientific professional human experience, won the user's favor.