Walk IntoYOUHA

Youha by Mr. Fang was founded in May 2011 in Zhejiang, China, formerly known as Ms. Wu Xiaojing's 'excellent studio' set up in 2009. Excellent combined to create China's national brand of breast milk, the first attempt to replicate in the global electric business model. April 2011, the studio renamed 'Excellent Science and technology', since then, Youha adhere to the international positioning, through the global number of countries and regions to establish a general agent for global customers to provide services.

  • Provide professional breastfeeding aids and maternal and infant electrical appliances

  • Excellent professional medical function and comfortable user experience

  • Create a 'use of the Internet model to develop intelligent human milk system' mode

Easy life begins with excellence

From research and development to testing, every step is working with top European students or research institutes and hospitals, taking every detail into consideration for mothers and babies, and doing the best for users.

Our Course Of Development


Janet Wu,one of founders,starts the "YOUHA Studio" with the Support of Golf Fang.

April 2011

“YOUHA Studio” changes into “YOUHA Electrical Appliance” , and try to copy the E-business mode worldwide, and “YOUHA” breastfeeding apartment is founded. Its business philosophy turns into selfdevelopment.

May 2011

TWith variable frequency memory function, YH0800comes into the market. Its breast-milk sucking feeling and efficiency gets the affirm from the breast pump field. makes a new standard for the world market and starts a boom of intelligent breast pump

March 2014

Intelligent double electrical breast pump YH8004come into the market, which has ultra-quite design single/double using and replaceable large capacity lithium battery

May 2015

Lithium optional and manual-automaticYH8015 come into the market and the same as large sucking power manual breast pump YH6009

March 2016

The newest manual-automatic YH8020come into the market. which has lithium battery, white light LED screen and ultra quite desian

Let YOUHA go to the world

Future YOUHA technology is committed to providing more and better mother and baby products to the world.

YOUHA domestic and overseas professional dealers have developed to more than 200, distributing more than 20 countries and regions around the world
At present, we have planned to build a brand sales experience store in Thailand, Malaysia and other countries

Easy Life Start From YOUHA

“YOUHA” insist on human technology, and trusts that customer is the basic power of the brand. Based on this“YOUHA” keep developing,improving the products, and supply competitive service to customers.Relax life starts from 'YOUHA'is the brand concept of 'YOUHA”.Inproductsdeveloping,'YOUHA'follows the steps of the market demands,and invites the mothers world wide to develop and improve the quality of the products,and uses the mode of developing the intelligent humanized breast-milk sucking system by internet,and'YOUHA'breast pump series are in favor of the customers with their scientific professional humanized experience.

“frequent, efficient and innovative internet cultural”  is  the  main  disposition  of“YOUHA”,and  we  trust  everyone  born equally without strict hierarchy, and everyone in “YOUHA” is a member of 'YOUHA' family. “YOUHA” operates through simple and efficient way to get the target of customers experience coming first.“YOUHA'keeps developing and discovering in order to provide the best quality products and service in the whole world,and thus to make“YOUHA”better and better.“YOUHA”is the first one which starts to sell breast pump as a local Chinese brand,and also it is the first one which try to use the E-business mode all over the world.

We try our best to build a developing and sales team, and let all the works be creative in the relaxed working environment.“YOUHA” invests in source discovery and market development, and make sure of protecting the ecological environment. With international and professional attitude,“YOUHA”try to create a harmonious and progressive business environment, to make the brand grows nationally and global.

The latter half year of 2017, YOUHA owns a fast growth business in the  world market.YH8004 double breast pump sells increase more than 50% in  the latest 5 seasons, and get the orders from all over the world;YH8006  and YH8016 also have large growth.YOUHA has now more than 200 agents  overseas, they are from more than 20 countries and areas.Now YOUHA plans  to build several brand experience stores in Thailand and Malaysia, and  about 2018 all the stores will be open to customers. In the future YOUHA  will supply more and more best quality mother and baby product for the  world, and will work towards the whole world.

Global Mother Recommend YOUHA

Baby is sent to the newborn pediatrics observation, the doctor called to buy a breast milk, afraid of the baby no longer suck out the milk, see small red Book recommended on the excellent together immediately under a single, sincerely did not buy the wrong, suction enough, sound is not, 20 minutes suck the two sides of milk.

Friend recommended to Buy, there would have been one. Have to say that the price is really high, just a few minutes to suck clean, operation is also very simple, than I bought before those few are easy to use, wait and see friends can start to buy.

Read on the internet for a long time, did not find the right, see this section of the comment is good, holding a try heart bought, received the goods after cooking, after the feeling is very good, easy to operate, the sound is not, use also does not hurt, the two sides suck milk very good, and the sucking up with the pacifier can be used as a bottle feeding directly to the baby! It's so convenient!